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Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body: Making the Most of the Mouth-Body Connection

Your teeth and mouth, in general, are a mirror of what is going on in the body overall, and a healthy mouth is reflective of total body wellness.

Swollen gums, worn down teeth, dry mouth, bad breath, ulcers, and swelling can be a warning sign of systemic problems including diabetes, heart disease, digestive and adrenal disorders, and even cancer.
Excellent oral and dental health help to prevent bad breath, tooth decay and gum disease. Plus, you get to keep your teeth longer!

But, Did You Know That a Healthy Mouth May Also Help Protect Against Other Medical Issues?

What’s in your mouth reveals a lot about your health. Your mouth is the window for what’s going on in the rest of your body. Think about it. Our bodies are holistic “systems,” where everything is interconnected.

Without proper oral hygiene, oral infections may occur, and the bacteria from these diseases can spread throughout your body, putting your overall health at risk. If your immune system is already weakened and compromised, your body has a harder time fighting off these infections and can make them more severe.

An unhealthy mouth may increase your risk of severe health problems, especially if you have some form of gum disease. These health problems can include:

On the flip side, there are also non-oral health conditions that can have an adverse effect on your mouth.

Taking Good Care of Your Mouth, Teeth and Gums is a Worthy Goal in and of Itself. But, Now You Know the Benefits Don’t Stop at Your Uvula!

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