Why a Child’s First Pediatric Dentist Visit Should Be at One Years Old

Why a Child’s First Pediatric Dentist Visit Should Be at One Years Old from ToothDocs in Roslyn, NYBringing your one-year-old baby to your pediatric dentist is crucial for your child’s dental health. This is an important age for dental health. As a responsible parent, ensuring your child’s dental health is the top priority. Starting dental visits early is an optimal way to do this. If you want to find out why you should bring your baby to the pediatric dentist at one year of age, here are the details.

Starts a good dental health relationship

Children must have a good relationship with the pediatric dentist. Bringing them in during their first year of life or earlier allows this important relationship to start. Children should see the pediatric dentist as a friend. At this stage, the parents will receive vital education about caring for the baby’s dental health. The parents will get information to care for the baby’s teeth the right way.

Provides good nutrition guidance

A new baby must have a dental home. This is helpful for first-time parents. The pediatric dentist will give a list of healthy foods for the baby’s teeth. Parents will also get information about the harm of juice drinks and gummy snacks. This type of education also prevents parents from putting the baby to sleep with milk.

Most new parents are not aware of bottle decay. This is a primary cause of dental decay in children. The pediatric dentist will show the parents the signs of bottle decay on the baby’s teeth. Primary teeth are more vulnerable to bacterial infection. The enamel of primary teeth is weak. Baby teeth rely on fluoride toothpaste to strengthen their defenses.

Starts dental hygiene monitoring

Educating parents of a one-year-old patient is important to any pediatric dentist. The parents must watch over the daily brushing of the baby’s teeth. Starting off with a finger toothbrush and brushing the tongue are important points to remember. Parents can pass on these pointers as the baby grows.

The pediatric dentist will teach the parents how to brush and check the baby’s teeth. It can be challenging to brush a baby’s teeth. Sometimes, a baby does not want to cooperate at all. The pediatric dentist will share some effective strategies to make dental care fun for the baby. One parent can relax the baby while the other brushes.

Gives targeted care

A pediatric dentist has additional training to help babies and young children overcome their fear of oral hygiene. Sometimes, it may take longer to provide proper dental care to small kids. Patience is a strong quality among pediatric dentists. New parents will appreciate this value and even practice it while giving pediatric dental care at home.

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Bring your one-year-old to the right pediatric dentist

You may find it stressful to look for the right pediatric dentist and bring your baby in for a dental visit. The only way to conquer your anxiety is to be there on the first dental visit day. The right pediatric dentist will guide and support you as you provide proper dental care to your child. It all starts with the first appointment you make with your pediatric dentist.

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