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ToothDocs Kids


TOOTHDOCS Kids has gained the reputation of being a premier pediatric dental practice in the New York, NY area. Our practice is built on the foundation of treating the whole family with the goal of making children comfortable during each dental appointment and treatment.


Our Office

We have created an entire atmosphere that is designed to make children look forward to a trip to the dentist. From the moment they walk in the door, they will find encouragement and positivity. Our waiting room includes a play area that is filled with fun, kid-friendly technology. Our treatment rooms include the latest innovations and techniques to make their visit efficient and stress-free. Of course, a favorite of the children is the TOOTHDOCS Kids Toy Box where each child can pick a special post-visit treat!

Our Mission

Our team loves to help young patients keep excellent oral health, and your children will feel this from the very beginning. We are dedicated to making your child’s appointment an enjoyable experience that we find some children are even asking their parents to bring them back!

To make this happen, it takes a little extra time and a little extra care. It means that we have to pay attention to every detail that will affect your child’s experience at TOOTHDOCS Kids. When children look forward to an appointment in our office, this helps lead to a lifetime of excellent oral health. We have learned that positive experiences in the early days lead to healthy smiles for a lifetime.

Our Team

TOOTHDOCS Kids is committed to a lifetime of good oral health for your children. While this includes a bright smile, it is also about teaching your children healthy dental habits for their life. Good habits learned while young will likely last throughout their adult life. Our staff is thoroughly dedicated to providing an exceptional experience from infancy through adolescence. This commitment extends to toddlers, special needs children and special needs adults.

As our team partners with you, we can work together to ensure that each of your children learn the habits and receive the care that will build a foundation of excellent oral health. If you are looking for a dentist for your child and you are a part of the New York, NY community, give our office a call today!

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