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It is easy to schedule your first examination and dental procedures with us. All it takes is a simple call to (516) 625-0088, where you will be greeted by our knowledgeable team members who are eager to assist you. Additionally, we have made the process even more efficient by providing a downloadable New Patient Form on our website. By clicking below, you can swiftly access and fill out the form at your own convenience before stepping foot into our office.

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Patient Forms

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Making an Appointment

ToothDocs offers a hassle-free process to schedule your first examination and dental treatments. When it comes to making an appointment, there's no need to stress as our team members are readily available with just a phone call at (516) 625-0088. And, if for any reason you're unable to keep your scheduled appointment, please remember to give us a heads-up by canceling 24 hours in advance. By doing so, you'll enable us to accommodate other patient requests effectively while ensuring everyone receives the quality care they deserve.

What to Expect

As you step into our lobby, expect to be welcomed warmly by our approachable and attentive team. To ensure a smooth process, we will provide you with new patient paperwork that encompasses essential information such as a comprehensive health questionnaire and requests for insurance details and contact information.

Along with these forms, we will provide insight into how our office upholds patient confidentiality and diligently handles sensitive matters. Rest assured that your well-being is our utmost priority from the moment you enter our doors.

Initial Examination

During your initial examination at ToothDocs, which typically lasts around one hour, you will first be greeted by our experienced team, who will take the time to understand your oral hygiene routine and address any health concerns. We will demonstrate proper dental care techniques and provide additional suggestions tailored to your specific needs. Following a thorough teeth cleaning performed by our skilled dental hygienist, Dr. Kauftheil or Dr. Diba will conduct a comprehensive examination and recommend any necessary dental treatments that may benefit you.

Pain Management

Our utmost priority is to prioritize the comfort of our patients, going above and beyond to alleviate any potential discomfort they may experience. Dr. Kauftheil and Dr. Diba will consider your unique pain tolerance levels and discuss any concerns you may have beforehand. Doing so allows us to devise an individualized pain management plan that effectively caters to your needs. With this comprehensive approach in place, we aim to mitigate any potential pain and ensure swift recovery so that you can resume your daily activities without delay or inconvenience.

Dental Insurance

At our dental office, we understand the importance of accommodating our patients' needs when it comes to insurance coverage. That's why we proudly accept a range of insurance providers and go above and beyond to make sure you get the care you deserve. To find out if we currently work with your particular insurance provider, simply give us a call at (516) 625-0088.

In the event that your insurance doesn't fully cover all necessary treatments, rest assured that we will collaborate with you to find an appropriate payment solution.

Financial Policy

At ToothDocs, we recognize that each patient has unique financial requirements when it comes to dental care. Hence, we are committed to collaborating with you to find a tailored solution that ensures you receive the necessary treatment regardless of whether you have insurance. Feel free to contact our office and inquire about our extensive range of payment options, including cash payments, checks, flexible financing plans, and credit card transactions. With ToothDocs, rest assured that budget-friendly dentistry is within reach for everyone seeking top-notch oral healthcare services.

To learn more about our dental services, visit one of these ToothDocs locations in New York or call our Roslyn dental office at (516) 625-0088 or our 5th Avenue dental office at (212) 969-9490.


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